Success Stories


Meet Colleen. Colleen came to us, a senior with terrible skin issues and a large, cancerous tumor. With the cancer removed, time to heal, and a dedicated foster, Colleen is enjoying her Second Chance at life in the sun!

Sweet Potato

Meet Sweet Potato Sweet Potato was seized from severe, horrific neglect. Emaciated and afraid. Thanks to veterinary attention and a gentle and loving foster, Sweet Potato now enjoys each and every day.


Jacqueline came to us as a senior cat with kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. This precious girl was treated and allowed to live her remaining months in a loving environment, her foster by her side, until the end.


Meet Elvis. When Elvis was brought into the shelter as a kitten, he was unable to use his back legs. But with immediate veterinary care and a loving foster, Elvis left the building and entered into his Second Chance at a wonderful life!


Shelby was brought to us after being found next to a dumpster, tossed aside like a bag of garbage. The people who found her, initially thought she was dead and were surprised to discover that she was in fact still clinging to life. With emergency veterinary care, and a careful, loving foster, Shelby is now living her best life.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter was returned after being diagnosed with megaesophogus. Now with proper diet, use of a Bailey Chair and a dedicated, loving family, Peanut Butter has her Second Chance at a perfect dog's life!