Dog/Puppy Intake

Bringing in Dogs or Puppies

The Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter is an open intake shelter servicing Cabell and Wayne Counties. As such, we take in stray dogs and owned dogs from these counties. At this time, we are operating at full capacity and cannot accept animals from other counties.

Stray Dogs

Thank you for caring about dogs that have gotten lost and need help finding their way home. If you have found a stray, please call us at (304) 696-5551 to make an appointment to bring it in. There is no fee to bring us a stray dog. Dog intake occurs from 10-3:30 pm Monday through Saturday. Stray dogs are kept for a minimum of 5 days so that we can attempt to reunite them with their owner.

If you would like to keep the dog through it’s stray hold, please send a message with a picture, contact information, and where the dog was found so that we can post their information and attempt to reunite them with their owner.

Surrendering Your Dog

We do accept owner surrender dogs from other counties. We ask that you be honest about your reasons for surrendering and also about your pet’s behavior so that we can effectively place them in another home. There is a $50 fee to surrender a dog. Let us know if the fee will cause you a financial hardship.

Please call for an appointment at (304) 696-5551. We ask that you bring along your pet’s vet records. Please understand that we make every effort to rehabilitate dogs that present with behavioral issues but our top priority is the safety of our staff and community.